Hello beautiful.

And you find some way to survive. And you find that you don't have to be happy at all, to be happy you're alive.

New Years Resolutions:

My dad has always made me and my brother tell him resolutions but I can never think of any. This year i’m actually going to try. Top 5 list at the ready: (people who read these HOLD ME TO THEM. For real. I’m counting on you guys. And myself. Okay mostly myself.)

1. No more cutting. I’m strong. I HAVE to kick this unhealthy habit. As unimportant as it makes it sound. Yes it is a habit. Yes I still do it. And yes i’m still happy.

2. Stop overthinking everything. I am probably overthinking this list. Oh the irony.

3. Write more music. Self-explanatory.

4. Dance more. It makes me so happy. It’s the closest thing to flying I guess.

5. Change the world. Save someones life. Help someone. Make everyone happy. YAY. 

We are not all right.
We are not okay.
I must not have been clear enough.
I guess i meant to say,
You are not my life.
You are not my soul.
You are someone who’s a part of me.
You are not in control.

"Not Her Way"  

Kate Shindle does this perfectly. I will perform this. I will I will I will. I just need a constant reminder to buy the sheet music!

It has been:

a very long time since I hurt myself.

It has been:

a very short time since i’ve hurt someone else.

Quite honestly:

I rather hurt myself then somebody else.